The Happy Human

The Happy Human


“The Happy Human” book by Scott Williams (154 pages)

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Stress – up, sick days – up, depression – up, divorce rates – up, laughter – down. Coincidence?

With stress management one of the big-ticket items for companies today ‘The Doctor’ Scott Williams is right on target with his new book entitled “The Happy Human”. Scott’s book delivers a blend of relevant and timely information that encourages an audience to look at life from a different perspective. Learn how to convert some of the ‘negative energy’ in our lives into ‘positive pressure’ that propels us forward. “A sense of humour is as vital to our mental wellbeing as breathing is to our physical wellbeing” Scott says. “In my book you’ll discover how to break down some of the laughter limiting behaviours that we develop on the road to maturity”.

Laughter is human skill that is all to often neglected. We are all human after all, and we all need to laugh.

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