Scott Williams, affectionately known as “The Doctor” is Australia’s Laughter Specialist and has been a part of the top tier of corporate presenters for 30 years. 

Over the last decade Scott has seen the work-life-balance trend becoming more and more prominent in a conference’s plenary speaker selection.  He also saw that our modern, convenient world seemed to be leaving us all more and more stressed!  Taking this concept Scott developed a keynote presentation to fit the work-life-balance speaker slot that was not only hilariously funny, but also delivered vital and timely information and practical steps on how to increase our daily laughter levels.  The keynote, entitled “The Happy Human” explored the proven link between humour and better health and stress reduction.

In 2016 Scott released the book “The Happy Human”. This explored in greater detail the psychological and physiological benefits of laughter and how humour can transform lives and companies. Learning how we can break down some of the ‘Laughter Limiting Behaviours’ (LLB’s) which develop on the road to adulthood and which stifle their personal and professional progress is an enormous and worthwhile challenge that all of us should pursue with passion.

Scott is married to Angela and they have one son, Oliver, and a daughter in law Bonnie, to whom The Happy Human Book is dedicated.